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Through your thoughts and lines, both entangled in wines
Ships dock in your fire that the main co-captain finds
And the slow of the restless live up to tie your binds
Oh how - will I ever resist - just to kiss you?
The street level views that encircle our parade
In this town of old, now by the both of us made
Our masks they are dropped, we've lived the last charade
And now -  we'll be bound - to carry us through

Living edges for the last crusade
And the blood bled for hours at the hungry trade
I skipped just that one stone, it a mountain made!

We have finally tunneled through
At the end of it - in my hands - the blue

Out of candlewax and wool, you've strung the main front side
Of our loft bearing fortress in which our hearts reside
Reflected in the moon, we finally steer back the tide
And live - to be nearly - breathing for you
The slow packing sail that unfolds before our sigh
And the wings of the 'gale soaring to the sky
The giants that drank rivers, before your feet they lie
For now they have found -  the call of a new

You branch on out; you leave your hair down low
You scuttle then and whistle at the fields that you sow
I planted only seedlings; it was you who made them grow!

We have finally reaped the sown
From now on - and to always - together alone

They way you prance about all the Parisian hosts
And the way you settle down all the midnight ghosts
The front gate of the spoken grants you all their boasts
But you just decide to call them untrue
You're a lioness, a protector of my plains
And the witness of my life, explaining all my pains
The love that will teach me, to show joy when others gain
And then I will call the ring to your hand

We'll keep on dancing, while the church is lit
We'll kiss each other while the curtains split
Not knowing that we at our end, at our beginning by the rainbow sit

We have finally touched the spark
You and me -  keeping plants on - Noah's ark
A piece I wrote about two distinct periods of my life. Thank you for reading.

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Submitted on
November 17, 2012
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